Solar irrigation in a 83ha fruit farm

Épila (Zaragoza, Spain)

Pumping station

Multipump station consisting of 6 pumps with a total of 228kW

Solar generator

116kWp fixed installation


Raft filling and watering from raft


Fruit trees


AC Pumping Controller
Weather Station

Operational records

Performance evaluation and optimal fit using Orbit 360 Data Logger

Real-Time remote-control

Application that allows you to remotely control pumping, as well as detect possible incidents

Payback period

5 years

It is a solar installation with connection to the electrical network that feeds five impulsion pumps. Bombeatec carried out the turnkey execution, which includes the structure, the solar panels, the AC PUMPING CONTROLLER and the WEATHER STATION.

The system can work in hybrid mode, always prioritizing the energy obtained from the photovoltaic generator. Thanks to Bombeatec’s control algorithms, it is possible to adapt the consumption profile of the pumps to the solar generation profile, maximizing the savings obtained. The repayment term of the installation of 5 years.

The system is totally autonomous thanks to the AC PUMPING CONTROLLER, which performs an intelligent management of the system. The following functionalities should be highlighted:

  • Zero injection of energy into the grid
  • Reactive power compensation
  • Activation of the pumps in priority order and according to the available solar resource
  • Efficient management of pump starts and stops taking into account solar intermittency and cloud passages
  • Auxiliary power source management: management of operation in isolated or hybrid mode depending on the tariff periods and the contracted powers
  • Weather station monitoring
  • Remote access from mobile phone