Solar irrigation in almond plantation

Caspe (Zaragoza, Spain)

Pumping station

30kW horizonal pump

Solar generator

45kWp horizontal single-axis solar tracker installation


Pond irrigation




DC Pumping Station
DC Pumping Controller

Operational records

Performance evaluation and optimal setting using Orbit 360 Data Logger

Real-Time remote-control

Remote pumping control and incident detection application

Payback period

6 years

It is an isolated solar installation that feeds a new 30kW horizontal pump (installed to replace a preexisting motor-pump diesel engine). Bombeatec executed the turnkey project, which includes the installation of a new pump, the solar trackers, the solar panels, and the DC PUMPING STATION.
The solar plant is dimensioned to satisfy the annual irrigation requirements of the extensive almond plantation (more than 2000 hours).
The integration of the decentralized control of two pumping stations that share a hydraulic installation and located 600 meters from each other is carried out by means of industrial communication protocols.
The system is autonomous thanks to the DC PUMPING CONTROLLER, which performs intelligent management of the system. The following functionalities can be noted:

  • Pump start/stop efficient management considering solar intermittency and cloud passages
  • Irrigation and fertigation programming
  • Wireless communications for managing solenoid valves and irrigation sectors
  • Integrated control of trackers
  • Mobile app for remote access