Isolated solar irrigation in a vineyard plantation

Cariñena (Zaragoza, Spain)

Pumping station

Multipump station (4 pumps) with a total installed power of 23.5kWp

Solar generator

Horizontal single-axis solar tracker installation


Pond filling and irrigation




DC Pumping Station
DC Pumping Controller

Operational records

Performance evaluation and optimal setting using Orbit 360 Data Logger

Real-Time remote-control

Remote pumping control and incident detection application

Payback period

5 years

It is an installation isolated from the electrical network that feeds up to 4 pumps on a common bus with a single PV generation plant. Bombeatec executed the turnkey project, which includes the installation of a new pump, automatic cleaning filter, solar trackers, solar panels, and the DC PUMPING STATION.
Thanks to the solar tracker, a higher and more constant generation power is obtained throughout the day, achieving the ideal irrigation pressures for irrigation.
Less than 30 milliseconds time response were achieved facing passing clouds, being most likely a first in the world of solar pumping.
The system is totally autonomous thanks to the DC PUMPING CONTROLLER, which performs an intelligent management of the system. The following functionalities should be highlighted:

  • Pump start/stop efficient management considering solar intermittency and cloud passages
  • Multipump management on common bus
  • Irrigation and fertigation programming
  • Wireless communications for managing solenoid valves and irrigation sectors
  • Integrated control of trackers